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My name is Alexey Dubrovin and I am very glad to see you here.

You are welcome to explore, share and order the photos you will find on this site, all the needed you will find exactly near by the photos you like.
If you have got any question or enquiry, please do not hesitate to send me a message

Now if you are interested, here are a couple of words about me:

I live in Sydney, Australia, since 2006, was born in the city of Astrakhan, Russia

I started learning photography in my early tenage years, at Astrakhan at photo-studio "Delta", guided by Alexander Shevelev, a great photo artist and a great teacher. We were obviously doing films those times, the process much more complecated and both resource and time consuming. A photo lab using liquid-based processing is practically unmoveable, so as I moved for study I was thinking I will probably be back to it when it will be digital. That was quite right I effectively was back to it about 2004 with a digital cam already.  

So fortunately now I have got both time and resources and probably most important a great passion to continue my photography jorney. I practice landscape and nature photograpy most of all, but keen and enjoy any type of photographic adventure.

I am keen to keep a professional attitude in everything I am doing, and if you decide to submit your order  I assure you in my highest attitude to perform for you the best possible result. 

SIncerely yours,

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